The basics of digital monetization or how to sell art online. 

In this part of the project we are aiming to explain some marketing and sales techniques to help you understand digital monetization.

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Initiative led by Van Grimde Corps Secrets, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts


Thanks to: 


Josée Plamondon, Digital information consultant

Edouard Reinach, Senior digital transformation and business strategy consultant, Adviso

Guillaume Corbeil-Archambault, Team Lead – Strategic Development, Adviso

Carmen Mehnert and Anne Schmidt, Plan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts

Sophie Préfontaine, Avocate inc.


Brad Necyk, Media Artist

Jacques Mateu, Plastic Surgeon

Marie-Hélène Boudrias, Neuroscientist

Marilène Oliver, Sculptor and Media Artist

Raphaël Cuir, Art Historian

Royden Mills, Sculptor

Thom Gossage, Composer


Video editing and motion design: Gabin Fournier