Ecosystem Transformation 10.10


Led by Van Grimde Corps Secrets and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ecosystem Transformation 10.10 initiative aimed to strengthen the digital transformation of its partners and its communities as well as its own. 

Through projects such as The Body in Question(s) and Eve 2050, Van Grimde Corps Secrets collaborated with several dozen partners from various artistic and scientific disciplines. The wealth of content elaborated over time, not only by the artistic works but also by the research and creative processes, deserves to be shared and largely accessible.

With the support of experts, our community of artists and researchers focused on the body has laid the groundwork for a common and individually tailored discoverability strategy to increase the visibility of common and individual projects, facilitate data sharing within the group, and ultimately improve the monetization potential of our online content. 

We hereby share with you the lessons learned and avenues of reflection that have emerged from this collective work.



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