Eve 2050

An interactive, evolving triptych

©Jérôme Delapierre | Interprètes – performers : Rhéa Sky Walsh, Justin De Luna, Chi Long, Sophie Breton

How, in the near future, can the boundaries of the body and its identity be redefined?  Eve 2050 invites audiences to engage in an artistic, aesthetic and ethical reflection on the future of human beings and the body in an age of digital technology, biomedical advances and artificial intelligence. Combining dance, video, music, visual and digital arts, the work takes on various forms to be presented in theatres, public spaces and online. The result is a fascinating integration of life and technology.


One work, three components

Through its three components, Eve 2050 combines the vibrant force of actual physical presence with the magical transformations and ubiquity made possible by technology. Nature and culture are reconciled in this meeting between the primal body—its ancestral heritage expressed through a visceral gestural vocabulary—and the body of the future, transformed by its connection with technology.


Technological innovation

Eve 2050 is a particularly innovative project in its artistic use of digital technologies. It is based on a novel association of different image analysis and processing applications, movement sensing systems, and the latest interactive technologies. Most of the visual effects that transform Eve in the web series are generated in real time by interactive technology, not in post-production. This process makes it possible to reproduce the same effects on the bodies of spectators who are exploring the digital installation, and on the dancers performing the work on stage. Technology is used in the service of dance, creating a unique experience for each spectator.


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