What are digital technologies?

What are they used for and what are their possibilities?  

Digital technologies enable a variety of modes of expression to come together. Whether hardware or software, they are abstract and need a medium to exist. They allow us to build new instruments to create dramaturgies teeming with possibilities. Imagine the possibilities of tools that can create bodily extensions and amplify movement. Digital technology allows a completely new exploration of these and other concepts. But beware: it does not imitate human gestures, but rather rewrites them in a different way.


How are they to be used?

Various approaches to using technology in the performing arts 

The use of digital technologies in the artistic process may seem counterintuitive to performing artists. And yet it is worth mastering this new form of creation, as it opens up a world of possibilities. By learning to properly interact with technology, as if it were another dancer, it is possible to make its use more organic, not in the least cold or antiseptic. A certain sensitivity to technology, however, is needed to interact with the machine. Flexibility is also important, since managing the unexpected is a big part of the job, as is the ability to work with several mediums at once: sound, image, body.