The Project’s Origin

Since 2008, the integration of digital technology into choreographic creation has been the focal point of the artistic activities of VGCS. The company has earned renowned for its expertise in bringing the dance and digital realms together, both on stage and online. To expand its creative possibilities, VGCS also reflects upon new forms of transdisciplinary collaboration and the synergetic potential engendered by digital technology. The company regularly works in partnership with artists, researchers and organizations from various disciplines in Quebec, Canada and abroad. Several projects reflect this approach: the platform, for example, or Eve 2050 (web series, digital installation, interactive stage piece, virtual reality work), which have brought together some fifty artists and researchers from diverse disciplines. Since 2017, such projects as Les Pépinières Danse et Numérique and the development of a transdisciplinary international HUB have demonstrated, through the sharing of resources and expertise, the company’s commitment to the artistic communities of which it is a part.

Having acquired her own studio, Espace Corps Secrets, in 2016, Isabelle Van Grimde decided to open it to the community and offer a space for exploratory activities at the crossroads of dance and digital technology. Her aim was to give artists the opportunity to directly experience these new digital tools and modes of creation, so that they could better decide whether to integrate or renounce them, rather than simply bypass them due to a lack of access or resources.