Julien-Robert is a composer and multidisciplinary artist who explores the relationship between sounds and images. He creates audio-visual performances and installations nurtured by his musical path and experience. He studied instrumental and electroacoustic composition before broadening his artistic scope to include video creation and interactive devices. In creating his works, he emphasizes the role of staging in providing the most complete and authentic experience for spectators. In collaboration with Julien Compagne, he is currently developing a new artistic form that combines music, video and technology in a single entity: the group Video Phase.

Representative work presented during the PDN: 

Lumens – 2017 

From augmented reality to virtual reality

Lumens is a multimedia performance co-created by Julien-Robert and Julien Compagne of the group Video Phase. It is an immersive, one-hour production with side screens and multiple screens on stage, bringing together many of the group’s original creations.

Lumens presents different dimensions of reality. Whether augmented reality or virtual reality, several technological tools are used to achieve a variety of results. Virtual reality glasses create a total immersion, extracting the reality from our immediate environment. 

The spectator’s phone provides a window on this augmented world, captured in 360-degree reality. This allows the generation of visuals in real time and enables the performer to improvise. A special app was created for the dissemination of the work, which is also accessible on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, thereby serving as a tool for both promotion and public accessibility.

The stage work using augmented reality enhances the production, allowing it to transcend conventions and represent non-tangible concepts, in this case by ascribing images to sounds. 

Julien-Robert stresses that a distinct narrative should unfold in this universe, and that the visual and acoustic whole should be coherent and consistent.