Interactive web creation

This digital platform is a web recreation of the eponymous multiform work conceived and piloted by Isabelle Van Grimde. Developed in conjunction with web artist Jérôme Delapierre and Ingenisoft Inc., the interactive work deconstructs the creation-exhibition, reinventing and underscoring new facets in its transposition within the space-time of the virtual sphere.


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It provides Internet users with an immersive artistic experience, allowing them to teleport themselves to various spaces, where montages of videos, photographs, drawings and texts reveal multiple dimensions of a work simultaneously, and where they may interact with the work. In the process, they will also be able to access unreleased material, texts from the publication, and documents related to the artistic approach (videos, photographs, sounds, texts) of the fifteen artists and researchers who collaborated on the creation-exhibition. An evolving and upgradeable structure designed to retain and fuel the interest of Internet users, the web creation will be regularly enhanced with new documents by various partners, stimulating reflection on the themes explored. The platform also includes a private virtual forum for exchanges among the collaborators and research/creation partners of Van Grimde Corps Secrets. By offering three types of experiences—immersive, informative and creative—this platform is a source of discoveries, a meeting-place, and an incubator for reflections on the body, on dance, on interdisciplinary collaboration, and on the possible connections between the arts and sciences.