Designed to exist autonomously or as part of a performance Eve 2050: The Installation features alternative scenarios to the web series on three interactive holographic panels and two sculptures. Set up in a gallery, the panels generate five digital environments that show five facets of Eve, inviting visitors to discover her world.

Projected onto the transparent panels are images of Eve blended with images of the spectators and performers present. These images are filmed, processed and projected in real time, making visitors part of Eve’s story as they play with their own reflections in the virtual mirrors. The interactive devices take visitors into a parallel world. As they explore the space, they trigger sounds emitted by invisible cones. No two people trigger the same sound. Visitors create their own narration through the paths they choose and the surfaces they touch. Each experience is unique. When the dancers are in the installation, the primal body and body of the future are brought together in a dance where living and virtual become entangled to the point of being indistinguishable. The space of the installation, enchanted by dance and technology, invites visitors to become actors in the story of Eve 2050, the narrative thread of an intimate, sensorial and poetic experience.


For more information, download our presentation booklet: LIVRET-EVE2050-EN



Artistic Director and Choreographer: Isabelle Van Grimde

Assistant to the Choreographer: Sophie Breton

Performers: Sophie Breton, Félix Cossette, Chi Long, Justin de Luna, Marine Rixhon, Gabrielle Roy

Interactive visual design and editing (Installation): Jérôme Delapierre

Video production: DAVAI

Music and sound design: Thom Gossage

Interactive sound design: Frédéric Filteau

Scenography: Jérôme Delapierre, Isabelle Van Grimde

Interactive panel engineering: Rémi Vigneron

Sculptures « Family Portrait » on loan from the artist Marilene Oliver

Light table from Dissections of Anick La Bissonnière created for The Body in Question(s) of Isabelle Van Grimde

Costume design: Pascale Bassani, Isabelle Van Grimde

Costume research: Jérôme Delapierre, Manon Desrues

Costumes accessories: Marilene Oliver

Production and Technical Manager: Emilie Voyer

Assistant to the Production and Technical Manager: Audrée Juteau 


Creation and production: Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Coproductions: Agora de la danse, National Creation Fund of the National Arts Center, Brian Webb Dance cie

Public partners : Developed with the Plan numérique du Québec. Eve 2050 is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter Initiative.

Residencies: Agora de la danse, Espace Corps Secrets, Danse Danse, Arsenal Art contemporain

The artists and researchers who contributed to the reflections on EVE 2050: Dr. Cristian Berco (historian), Dr. Marie-Hélène Boudrias (neuroscientist), Marie Brassard (author, director and actress), Dr. Joanne Lalonde (art historian), Dr. François-Joseph Lapointe (biologist), Dr. Isabelle Lemelin (anthropologist), Dr. David Paquin (engineer and designer in new media), Darian Goldin Stahl (artist and student in the humanities), Dr. Monique Régimbald-Zeiber (visual artist and researcher on the relationship between the image, the written word and history), Raphaël Cuir (art critic and historian), Dr. Isabelle Choinière (artist and researcher in new contemporary performance practices), Roland Huesca (author and researcher in aesthetics and dance), Dr. Jacques Mateu (plastic surgeon), Dr Brad Necyk (visual and media artist), Marilene Oliver (sculptor and multimedia artist), Harold Rhéaume (choreographer), Dr. Hiba Zafran (occupational therapist)

Original dissemination : 19 — 22 september 2018 – Montreal, Agora de la danse.