Photo by DAVAI

“Eve 2050 is first and foremost an experiment, with a capital E. With its way of engaging almost intimately with the audience, this interactive piece offers a unique experience for each spectator.” – Pieuvre

Is a perfect symbiosis between reality and virtual reality underway? How will human identity be redefined?

While a certain biotechnological enthusiasm was apparent in the first two parts of this project (presented at Agora de la dance in autumn 2018), its conclusion throws a veil of mystery over the destiny of humanity. The choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde questions the dominance of the GAFA giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Her piece is a poetic appeal, a call to eradicate cultural prejudices in this domain and to insure that a healthy diversity of cultures, genders and ages participates in its construction.

Evoking the infinity of the cosmos, the work includes enticing glances at the wonder and hope created by new technologies. While it reprises some of the technologies of Symphonie 5.1 (2016), the very complexity of their use, coupled with the integration of the interactive portals of the EVE 2050 installation, accentuate the immersive effect and the bewitching power of this stage production.

Crédits : 

Isabelle Van Grimde — Artistic director and choreographer
Jérôme Delapierre — Visual design and interaction
Thom Gossage — Composer
Sophie Breton — Choreography assistant

Performers –
Sophie Breton, Felix Cossette, Alice Delapierre, Justin De Luna, Chi Long, Kim Long, Emmanuelle Martin, Erika Morin, Marie Mougeolle, Brontë Poiré-Prest, Marine Rixhon, Gabrielle Roy,

Marilene Oliver — « Family Portrait » sculpture an accessories
Frédéric Filteau — Sound engineer and interactions
Rémy Vigneron — Interactive panels engineering
Pascale Bassani — Costumes
Manon Desrues et Jérôme Delapierre — Preliminary designs