The Web Series screened until June 30 at Dyscorpia

The captivating Edmonton exhibition Dyscorpia which houses Eve 2050: The Web Series since April 27 is extended to June 30 thanks to its success. Dyscorpia was sparked by the triptych Eve 2050,  with this in mind Isabelle Van Grimde was given the honor of delivering the keynote address for the opening. Eve 2050: The Web Series is screened for the entire duration of the exhibition (to popular…

Van Grimde Corps Secrets at the Journées de la culture : Interactives Technologies and Dance

We will introduce the public to technologies specifically designed for dance: tracking and capture devices, like infrared cameras and Kinect! Guided by our expert performers-dancers, the public will be able to experience how movements allow one to modulate space and create visual and sound effects.   Welcome to all!   Photo: Jérôme Delapierre, with Sophie Breton.