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Eve 2050 was recently unveiled at the Arsenal as part of the Mardi Culturel TD.

During this evening, the six dance projects in the Montreal area supported by the Canada Council for the Arts through the New chapter program were presented : Dana Gingras, Danse Danse, MAYDAY, Montréal Danse, Rhodnie Désir and Van Grimde Corps Secrets.

We were pleased to introduce Eve 2050‘s triptych creation, with a focus on the interactive installation component.


Who is Eve 2050?

Eve is constantly changing. She is both child and adult, man and woman, real and artificial. This composite character embodies the hybrid nature of humanity both contemporary and futuristic. Temporalities, genders and origins overlap, taking us on an extraordinary voyage into the depths of Eve’s body, down to her cells and genome. The storyline questions future connections between our bodies and technology: how will advances in medicine and artificial intelligence, as well as new modes of virtuality, change our views of the world?

Eve 2050 imagines how, in the not too distant future, the boundaries of the body and its identity might be redefined.. The project engages viewers in artistic, aesthetic and ethical reflections on the future of human beings and the body in an era of digital technology, biomedical advances and artificial intelligence.


“We imagine this character as a reset, a new start for humanity”

Isabelle Van Grimde 


The work has three components, each offering a different type of relationship with the audience:

An interactive web series

Broadcast on the web, it offers an individual rapport via a smart device.

An interactive multimedia installation with choreographic performances

Dancers and audience share a space enchanted by an almost invisible technology, with which each participant intuitively interacts.

A proscenium stage production

Interactive space controlled by the artists in a more collective public experience.


Eve 2050 is the result of a collaboration between several artists:

Isabelle Van Grimde, artistic director and choreographer; Thom Gossage, composer; Jérôme Delapierre, interactif and visuel designer; and Robert Desroches, webseries’s director.



The creation of Eve 2050 is underway, follow us on your favorite social media network.