Eve 2050

EVE 2050: The Web Series is a finalist of the Numix Awards in the category “interactive digital work”.

The awards ceremony will take place digitally on June 17.


“We are in 2050, in a world where being human no longer means what we’re used to. The technological and biomedical advances of the last 30 years have changed the status of the body and redefined identities. Some humans have embraced technological advances, augmenting their bodies with artificial devices. Others have preferred to hybridize with other species, making organic and living material their own technology. Still others cherish and honour the original body, refusing any modification or lacking the means for enhancement. The web series Eve 2050 takes us to the heart of this amazing world through 5 episodes that follow Eve’s journey. A Symbolic character, of all cultural origins, both child and adult, male, female, transgender made of flesh or artificial, Eve 2050 offers a unique glimpse at humans of the future.”


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