Non classéDY3CORPIA

DY3CORPIA is the third iteration of Dyscorpia: Future Intersections of the Body and Questions. In the shadow of COVID-19 and blinding light of the screen, DY3CORPIA is being hosted in a digital twin of Enterprise Square Galleries where the first DYSCORPIA was mounted in 2019. DY3CORPIA artists continue to interrogate the increasingly complex intersections of the body and technology in an entirely virtual, simulated space that we have to navigate with our fingers rather than our whole bodies.

Among the works presented, visitors will have a chance to experience Corps secret/Corps public and The Body in Question(s) created by Van Grimde Corps Secrets!

Curator and producer: Marilene Oliver
Guest curator: Carly Whitaker, TMRW Gallery
Developer: Josh James Tokarsky

>> Beginning June 17