In this last part of the triptych, the creators of Eve 2050 assume 13 control of the audience’s gaze: the story unfolds in time and space on a conventional stage. The interactive devices managed via a single computer can be synchronized or dissociated, an integral part of Isabelle Van Grimde’s choreographic composition.

The interactive panels from the installation, powered by discreet technologies, create the elegant set for the stage work. The performers inhabit this shifting space, shaping the visual and sound environment with their movements. The stage is the scene of intertwined worlds. Time becomes uid, as ancestral memories and futuristic visions are brought into the present. The very nature of reality is questioned in this odyssey where our musings on immortality and genetic mutation come alive before our eyes. The stage production Eve 2050 reveals all the poetry of bodies carrying ancestral memories and futuristic visions in a work where Isabelle Van Grimde offers the audience her own vision of Eve. Images of the performance filmed in real time will be instantaneously selected by Isabelle Van Grimde, to be projected live on the theatre façade.


Dissemination : October 8, 2019, Agora de la danse

For more information, download our presentation booklet: LIVRET-EVE2050-EN